Merriam-Webster Developer Center

Branding Guidelines

Thank you for using the Merriam-Webster API. By using our API, you have chosen to share content from America's most useful and respected dictionary. When Merriam-Webster content is displayed on your application, you must follow the guidelines below:

1. All applications using the Merriam-Webster API must feature the Merriam-Webster logo.

2. The following logos are approved for use:







3. You are not allowed to edit or modify the Merriam-Webster logo.

Using the Merriam-Webster Brand Name

When referring to our company name, please use "Merriam-Webster Inc." or "Merriam-Webster's" (not "Webster's"). Please note that "Merriam-Webster Inc." does not use a comma. If using "Merriam-Webster, Incorporated" one would use a comma. Always use a hyphen between "Merriam" and "Webster" as in Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary.

Using the Merriam-Webster Logo

  • Whichever image is downloaded, please be sure to keep the "®" (registration symbol) visible and on the bottom/right of the logo.
  • If you need assistance with the Merriam-Webster logo, please contact:
  • The official colors of the Merriam-Webster Logo are red (c:0, m:100, y:100, k:10) ring(s), white circle, and blue (c:100, m:72, y:0, k:18) type. Black, grayscale, or lineart versions of our logos may be also used. Contact us (as mentioned above) if alternate colors are needed.
  • To use the Merriam-Webster logo on a web page, download the appropriate ".png" image file.

Using Merriam-Webster API Product Titles

  • Merriam-Webster product titles should be written out in full, including "Merriam-Webster's" which is part of most titles. Please refer to our API Product Descriptions for a API's full and proper title.
  • When using the word "Collegiate," add a superscript registration symbol directly after the word. (example: "Collegiate®") It is only necessary to use the registration symbol the first time "Collegiate" is used on each page.